Governor's Grants Office (GGO)

Welcome to the Maryland Governor’s Grants Office (GGO), a coordinating agency of the Governor’s Office. GGO helps state agencies, local governments, and non profit organizations, find, win and manage grants. You will find a host of information and training materials about grants and the life cycle of grants management on this site. You can search for an available state grant or foundation grant and click on links to take you to sites where federal grants are posted.  Please note that generally, grants are not made to individuals or small businesses, with the exception sometimes for artists, scientists and researchers. 

At this site you also will find extensive data and resources about federal funds flowing into Maryland. We also have included training materials, whether Powerpoints or webinars, on many grants related topics as well as guidance from the federal government for recipients and subrecipients on how to manage a federal grant.

Maryland Governor's Grants Office: 2014 Highlights

GGO works with a statewide grants team that includes primary grants contacts in each state agency (see under "Contacts" tab above).  In addition, GGO provides resources and technical assistance to State agencies, local governments, non profit organizations, businesses and universities on all aspects of federal grants and federal funds.  The Governor's Grants Office measures funds, identifies new funding opportunities and provides training in all aspects of grant writing and grants management.

Federal grant dollars to State Government:

In FY 2014 376 federal grants brought approximately $9.4 billion to state agencies, which in turn were invested in strengthening the state's communities.   


 In 2014 the Governor's Grants Office trained approximately 6,500 people.  


The National Governors Association (NGA) continues to recognize the Maryland Governor’s Grants Office as a national model; The Governor's Grants Office, founded ten years ago, received the Federal Funds Information for States (FFIS) 2013 "Great Idea" Award "for sharing best practices and providing technical assistance that have made the intergovernmental system work better. The Maryland Governor's Grants Office has developed a centralized model that has helped Maryland and many other states improve their ability to track and maximize federal grants. Their training sessions and webinars are available to anyone interested in federal grants, and their annual report is a model of excellence for states reporting on the flow of federal funds."