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DHRHomeless Women - Crisis Shelter Home Program4/1/2016
DHRService Linked Housing Program4/1/2016
DHREmergency and Transitional Housing and Services Program4/1/2016
DHRHousing Counselor and Aftercare Program4/1/2016
DHRHomelessness Prevention Program4/1/2016
MEAMaryland Freedom Fleet Voucher Program (FFVP)3/8/2016
MSACMaryland Traditions Apprenticeship Awards2/26/2016
MEAMaryland Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Program (AFIP)2/10/2016
MEAMaryland Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Program (AFIP)2/10/2016
MSACA&E District Technical Assistance Grant2/4/2016
MHECCollege Preparation Intervention Program (CPIP)1/22/2016
Maryland Community Health Resources CommissionSupporting Community Health Resources1/12/2016
MEAParking Lot Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Canopy with Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Grant Program 1/12/2016
MEAEmPOWER Clean Energy Communities Low-to-Moderate Income Grant Program11/30/2015
CBTAnne Arundel Community Tree Planting Mini Grant Program
CBTCommunity Engagement and Restoration Mini Grant Program
CBTLow Impact Development Competition
CBTPrince George's Rain Check Rebate Program
CBTCharles County Forestry Grant Program
DHMHState Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) for Eligible Physicians
GOCCPLaw Enforcement Training Scholarship Program (LETS)
GOCCPBody Armor for Local Law Enforcement - 2015
GOCCPState Aid for Police Protection Fund - 2017
MDAMD Horse Industry Board Grants
MDOTReimbursable Grant Funding to Support Local Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trail Projects
MEAElectric Vehicle Supply Equipment Rebate Program
MEAMaryland Freedom Fleet Voucher Program
MEAElectric Vehicle Supply Equipment Rebate Program

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What's New

Subrecipient or Contractor, a determination checklist
Budgeting Guide for Startup Nonprofits
PRESENTATION: Transparency Trend
Governor Hogan Appoints Merril Oliver to Grants Office
State of Maryland Single Audit for Fiscal Year ending 2014
Subrecipient Monitoring of Federal Funds
Subrecipient Monitoring Checklist
Subaward vs Vendor
Intro to 2 CFR, Chapters I, II, and Part 200 - Workshop Presentation

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Quick Reference

Maryland Manual for Grants Managers
CRS report: Federal Grants-in-Aid Primer
Uniform Guidance for Fed Grants Management:2CFR Part 200
AGA Fraud Prevention Toolkit
Documents Required for Audit
Quick Start Guide for SAM registration
Maryland State Government Finance Tracker for Businesses
Track State Grants in Your Community
Federal System for Award Management (SAM) User Guide
Maryland NonProfits By the Numbers
Checklist for Starting a Non Profit Organization in Maryland
Incorporation form (to register a nonprofit in MD)
Grant Writing Basics
Grantwriting: Beyond the Basics
Are You Ready for that Grant?

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Recorded Webinars

Federal Funds Information for States presentation
Federal Data Transparency
How A Bond Bill Can Help Your Capital Project
All About SAM Registration (and Migration from CCR)
A Federal Grants Primer
Properly Prepare for a Grants Audit
Access (Census) Data for Grants Applications
Best Practices for Grants Management
Strategies for a Successful OIG Audit
Mapping Maryland's Non Profits
The Maryland State Audit with Graylin Smith, CPA
The Foundation Center: Research Private Grants
Ask A Grants Lawyer
GAO Report: Non Profits' Indirect Costs
Reducing Improper Payments
The Process for Federal Grants
D-U-N-S Number in the Federal Grant Process
Recession-Proof Your Grantwriting

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